Fabulous Vintage In Situ – North Sydney

A few weeks ago at the North Sydney markets I met a really lovely lady, Pauletta,  who lives on my street.  Pauletta bought some cushions for her son as a Christmas present and popped in to have a look at my fabrics. She mentioned a love of lime green and yellow and it just so happened I had a large mint condition piece of a gorgeous abstract floral fabric in those exact colours.

This fabric is from the 1970s although there is nothing printed in the selvage so I’m unsure who the designer is. It has a very Scandinavian retro look about it so it could be from Finland or Sweden.


The cushions and lampshade look fabulous against the bright green feature wall in Pauletta’s apartment.

Free Home Consultations

If you live in Sydney, why don’t you let me bring my beautiful vintage fabrics to your home?  You can then match colours and prints to your existing décor.  This is a completely free personal service with absolutely no obligation to buy. If you live further afield, no problem. We can chat on Skype or the telephone at a time to suit you. You can send me pictures of your home and I can email pictures of fabrics back to you. Contact me via my website to arrange a date. I can usually meet or speak week days, evenings and weekends.


Fabulous Vintage


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