Vintage Crewel Needlework – A Gallery

A quick post tonight, it’s late but I’ve been so keen to post these images of beautiful embroidery.

Crewel is the art of hand-embroidering wool thread. Crewel work is an ancient art, with examples found from all over the world.  The art has since come in and out of fashion, adorning bed canopies and pillows during the Victorian era, and decorating purses and clothing during the craft revival of the 1960s. There is a great post on The Etsy Blog about Erica Wilson if you would like to read more about crewel.

I’ve been searcing Etsy for some vintage retro examples of crewel work and here are my favourites.

Mexican Embroidered Dresses

I’ve been searching the internet for a vintage embroidered Mexican dress and I’ve come across some great websites and learned much more about Mexican embroidery.

First stop is The Mexican Dress. A whole website dedicated to sharing the secrets of how to make a traditional Mexican Puebla Dress or Boho Dress. The picture below is from The Mexican Dress website and has inspired me to sew and embroider my own dress. A big project but how wonderful to make one for myself. I’ll be using my vintage fabrics for inspiration and ideas for the embroidery.

More research brought me to the Friends of Oaxacan Folk Art website and to the artist Faustina Sumano Garcia. Faustina is a master of amazingly detailed, colourful embroidery in the traditional wedding dress style. Her work has been featured in many books on Mexican folk art. The image below is a blouse made by her. I have taken this image from Teyacapan’s photostream on Flickr. For interest there is an amazing set of images of Oaxaca Embroidery on Teyacapan’s photostream.

A few hours browsing vintage Mexican dresses on Etsy brought me to the beautiful dresses of  Aida Coronado. At the moment Aida’s website says she is not taking orders however her beautiful dresses can still be purchased on Etsy.  Both images below are from Etsy.  The embroidered bag has to be the most beautiful bag I have ever seen, an early Christmas present to myself perhaps?


I also found a few gorgeous vintage Mexican dress on Etsy and eBay, see pictures below. I love the tan coloured dress. I won it on ebay and I reckon I’ll shorten it and wear it with my suede Camper boots this autumn.


Mexican embroidered dresses are so gloriously bright and colourful and perfect for sunny days in Sydney.

Oh, and I’ve just found this wall hanging on Etsy, such pretty embroidery.

I  hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post as much as I’ve enjoyed researching and writing it.


Fabulous Vintage In Situ – Kirribilli, Sydney

A beautifully sunny and airy house in a cosy Kirribilli street is brightened with Fabulous Vintage cushions.

The top image vintage fabric poppy cushions are made with Sanderson 1970’s ‘Rhea’ fabric and they look amazing. The cushions below are made with Giltex marigold vintage fabric and are in reality for the master bedroom. They were custom-made to fit an existing pair of cushion inserts. There wasn’t quite enough light for a photo of the bedroom but they look fabulous on the sofa too.

A big thank you to ‘Gaynor The Trainer’ who lives in this super house with her husband Paul and their 2 lovely children, for decorating your sunny abode with Fabulous Vintage cushions!

Fabulous Vintage In Situ – North Sydney

Fabulous Vintage In Situ – North Sydney, Australia. March 2012

Two beautiful cushions and a cylinder lampshade make a great impact in our neighbour’s gorgeous Victorian terrace in North Sydney.

This fabric is a stunning floral screen print sourced from the UK called ‘Desdemona’ and designed by Grace Sullivan in the 1970s.

It looks brilliant against the matt black leather sofa.



I just found violetclothing on Facebook.

Their clothes are so gorgeous so I just had to write a quick blog post.

Violetclothing are two sisters from Perth, who were inspired by their seamstress mum and her boxes of gorgeous fabrics.

In a nut shell: beautiful clothing and accessories, made locally using vintage and unique fabrics

These skirts are absolutley fabulous and I’m going to buy one or two for next summer.


Violetclothing’s vintage fabric bags are divine too!

Fabulous fabulous vintage fabric!