Vintage Crochet Fashion

Oooo I’ve been having so much fun finding images for this blog post. I’ve realised I was definitely born ten years too late and would have loved to have been in my teens or twenties in the 1970’s.

So here we have a gallery of vintage crochet fashion from the 1960’s and 1970’s.  Some of these images have come from patterns selling on Etsy and others are vintage items being sold on Etsy or eBay. I’ve included links to sellers of course as these are not my photos.

Look at these fabulous crochet bell Bottom trousers images from Viral Threads great blog. Sadly I came across these a tad too late and they’ve now sold. Some lucky lady will certainly be strutting her stuff in these beauties this summer. WOW!

If you’re reading this and can crochet please contact me as I’d love to find someone to make me this stunning sexy 1970’s mod trouser suit in cream pictured below. I’ve purchased the pattern from Granny Takes A Trip on Etsy. Izzy has lots of fabulous patterns do check out her shop if you love vintage crochet fashion. The blue suits on the left are from Vintage Vibes Patterns also on Etsy.

I am completely in love with this amazing floral crochet shawl. The pattern is also from Vintage Vibes Patterns on Etsy. It’s just gorgeous.

A blog post featuring images of vintage crochet fashion would not be complete without hot pants and these three ladies are each sporting a pair of groovy hip hugging shorts. These images are from 2nd Look Vintage on Etsy and patterns are available in Lauren Fraser’s shop. All 2nd Look Vintage PDF patterns are 100% retyped for ease of use.

Living in lovely Sydney as I do I had to include a few Australian crochet pattern images. These two below are my favourite and the green one in particular screams ‘Australia’ at me. I think it’s the fantastic oversized emerald green sunnies. Both patterns are available at All The Precious Things on Etsy.

More lovely crochet pattern dresses this time from Wonky Zebra on Etsy. In particular I love the blue a-line dress in the top right corner, it’s so pretty.

A quick look on eBay and I find these two stunningly gorgeous vintage lace crochet items. The first was sold on Viral Threads eBay shop and is a super rare palazzo pant jumpsuit with ivory floral lace overlay and scalloped crochet lace sleeves and collar. It’s amazing and worth every cent of it’s US $795 price tag. It’s now been sold so someone is going to look fabulous at a wedding or other super special event. The second lovely item from Bustown Modern Vintage (also on eBay) is a stunning late 1960’s, early 1970’s lace crochet mini dress with scalloped edges, empire waist and huge bell sleeves. If you want it you’ve got to be quick as bidding ends in two days and is currently at US $170.

So ends this weeks post. I hope you enjoyed being transported back to a world of glorious vintage crochet fashion.

Until next time,


3 thoughts on “Vintage Crochet Fashion

  1. wow- I just found this -thank you so much for the mention! I have so many of these beautiful vintage patterns-it is great to find fellow enthusiasts. If you would like any of the patterns just email me-and I will happily add more extras to buyers mentioning your blog.
    I love the fab bags you have made by the way.

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