Vintage Fabric – Garage Sale Finds

One of the things I most love about Sydney (apart from the glorious weather and beaches of course!) is the weekend garage sales. I love to plan a route the night before, get up early, grab a coffee and go.  I find information about local garage sales on Gum Tree also has lots of listings.

A few weeks ago I went to a fabulous garage sale in Chatswood. The lady who’s house it was had moved to a retirement home so her niece and nephew were helping her sell her 50 year collection of fabrics. I have never seem so many wonderful vintage retro fabrics at a garage sale before. Needless to say I was in heaven.

Here are my favourites, soon to be made into summer maxi dresses using vintage patterns bought on Etsy.

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One thought on “Vintage Fabric – Garage Sale Finds

  1. Just love the fabulous fabrics especially the one with at the top of this page with the purple on white. You are a clever in sourcing out all the fabulous fabrics. Etsy is a great website that I have only browsed through so far. After reading about your escapades to the garage sales and finding a gold mine of 50 year old fabrics you reminded me of how my dear late Mum and Dad had for approx 40 years stored away some beautiful Japanese silk material paintings just in rolls and not till my Mum passed away did we find these and now have them framed to hang up as family treasures. Liz

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