Vintage Wallpaper Online

Is it really March 9 and over two months since my last post? I will have to rectify this immediately with a round-up of favourite vintage wallpaper websites.

First a quick click to Facebook page to ‘like’ the images I’ve posted tonight. My favourite (and used above as the featured image) is a vintage Liberty wallpaper called ‘Hera’. Beautiful peackock feathers in gold and teal. This would make an amazing lampshade. I’m selling it for Aus $10/meter.

vintage-wallpaper-gold-green-blue-pink-floral-2 vintage-wallpaper-shand-kydd-red-gold

Vintage Wallpaper Online

Johnny Tapete – Original Vintage Wallpaper. An amazing website, I could spend hours browsing through all the images.


E W Moore – Fabulous Vintage Wallpaper. Another terrific website and a shop in London to boot. I’ll be at the shop this summer stocking up on wallpaper to bring back to Australia.


The Vintage Galaxy – Vintage Retro Wallpaper. Another website with truly beautiful wallpaper.


Secondhand Rose – Vintage Wallpaper. Secondhand Rose has been located in New York City for 45 years. Divine vintage wallpaper to die for, especially the florals.

secondhand-rose-vintage-wallpaperTrevor Howsam Ltd – 20th Century Props & Wallpaper. Trevor’s wallpaper stock ranges from the 1930’s to the 1990’s and includes a broad selection of original designs.


Thats it for tonight, and so to bed…

G’night and thanks for reading.

Bridget x

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