Fabulous Vintage In Situ – Kirribilli, Sydney

A beautifully sunny and airy house in a cosy Kirribilli street is brightened with Fabulous Vintage cushions.

The top image vintage fabric poppy cushions are made with Sanderson 1970’s ‘Rhea’ fabric and they look amazing. The cushions below are made with Giltex marigold vintage fabric and are in reality for the master bedroom. They were custom-made to fit an existing pair of cushion inserts. There wasn’t quite enough light for a photo of the bedroom but they look fabulous on the sofa too.

A big thank you to ‘Gaynor The Trainer’ who lives in this super house with her husband Paul and their 2 lovely children, for decorating your sunny abode with Fabulous Vintage cushions!

Fabulous Vintage In Situ – North Sydney

Fabulous Vintage In Situ – North Sydney, Australia. March 2012

Two beautiful cushions and a cylinder lampshade make a great impact in our neighbour’s gorgeous Victorian terrace in North Sydney.

This fabric is a stunning floral screen print sourced from the UK called ‘Desdemona’ and designed by Grace Sullivan in the 1970s.

It looks brilliant against the matt black leather sofa.


Fabulous Vintage In Situ – Castle Crag, Sydney

Cate & Simon have a beautiful waterside house in Castle Crag on Sydney’s Lower North Shore. The house is 1970s design with lots of light and is very well suited to vintage retro fabric. Cate makes beautiful quilts and and has lots of her gorgeous works displayed. In all the house has a very warm and eclectic feel, it’s really lovely.

We went for colours that complimented a red feature wall and the other neutral wall and carpet. After much deliberation we chose two Bevis fabrics in the same print ‘Tatton’ in two colourways, yellow and brown, this fabric is from the 1970s. The central piece is called ‘Contessa’ but as there is nothing else in the selvage I am unsure who the designer is. The ‘Contessa’ cushions finish the look.

Each piece is 80 cm wide by 90 cm tall.

As you can see the finished wall art is very striking. Cate & Simon love it and so do I!

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Fabulous Vintage In Situ – North Sydney

A few weeks ago at the North Sydney markets I met a really lovely lady, Pauletta,  who lives on my street.  Pauletta bought some cushions for her son as a Christmas present and popped in to have a look at my fabrics. She mentioned a love of lime green and yellow and it just so happened I had a large mint condition piece of a gorgeous abstract floral fabric in those exact colours.

This fabric is from the 1970s although there is nothing printed in the selvage so I’m unsure who the designer is. It has a very Scandinavian retro look about it so it could be from Finland or Sweden.


The cushions and lampshade look fabulous against the bright green feature wall in Pauletta’s apartment.

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